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Photography & 100's of Stock Images

Part of telling the story is using great imagery. When I tell your story, I would prefer to mix in a nice collection of high quality imagery. Often customers say: "I want to use my own images" I could not agree more. I can coach you how to take those photos and provide you with samples....OR, I can come to your shop and take the photos ans shoot the videos myself.


At the end of the day, stock images are much much better than your own images if your images suck. Humans respond to images. It is our primary sense for understanding the world around us. If you want to tell a powerful effective story, a key component is imagery. I can help you with that challenge.

Photography & 100's of Stock Images

Stock and Custom Videos

Like photograpy, videos play an important role in telling the story. When you visit a website, it's allways a engaging to have a short video to watch.  Besides adding a special touch to your site, a video keeps the customer on the site longer. This helps tremedoulsy with your placment in oranic search results.


I can create completely custom videos, semi-custom and or stock videos for your website. I am no Steven Spielberg...but I am a hell of alot less exspensive. Your goals and budget will determine what is best for you. Please enjoy a few samples of my video work.

Sample Stock Video

Sample Semi-Stock Video

Sample Custom Video

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When you say: "Mark, I template with sticks, and cut with a bridge saw. I'm ready to automate."  I understand exactly what you are talking about.


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