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Learning is the key.....

When we started the SFA, and before that Stone Advice, we coined the famous "Knowledge is Power" quote by Francis Bacon. The idea was simple. Share ideas and increase the quality of installed product through the discovery of better methods and ideas. Mission accomplished....we build better looking products faster and more efficiently than ever before.....and we are just getting started. Welcome to the age of refinement.


Over the last decade I have watched and experienced first hand the benefits of continued education; from increased productivity and profits, information management, worker safety, marketing, branding, sales and quality of life issues to name a few.


I have traveled the country and visited 100s of stone shops. I have attend and taught at countless fabricator workshops and taught many classes to stone fabricators.  For three years, I spoke and travelled with Stone World Magazines regional workshop series. I still teach classes at Stone Expo on topics that are useful to fabricators and thier bottom line.


I have set up several stone shops from scratch and helped other companies think about building size and layout, placement of machines, workflow, digital systems integration and many other aspects of building things out of stone slabs.


I normally don't charge for a phone consultation. Please give me a call, I will be happy to discuss your needs and determine if my input might be valuable to your bottom line.


Here is a quick primer on Alphacam. Both Northwood and Sasso use this industry leading software to draw and program for thier respective machines.

Here us a quick tour of how to program a K600 using AlphaCam. The first five minutes of this video covers basic file managment principles for shops not using managment software.

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When you say: "Mark, I template with sticks, and cut with a bridge saw. I'm ready to automate."  I understand exactly what you are talking about.


I want to help you increase profits and show the world how awesome your

 stone company really is! Fill out the form on the right, or call...It's that easy!


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